#hawkhunt UPDATES

Thanks to everyone who made the 2013 #HAWKHUNT a huge success! 

See below for a list of all the clues, packages status, and “found” photos from this year’s #hawkhunt:


ADRIAN, MI: You won’t STUB your toe finding this place if you go all the way to the back. Photo Clue #hawkhunt  – FOUND

RONDEBOSCH, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: A small tree near a small skate park. Look up! Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

SANTA MONICA, CA: look for a large white envelope behind Camera Obscura building (in bushes), near the pier. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND 

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: I25 and GoG. 1 block south? 1 block east? Could be both? Find this and you find the prize. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR: Riders ready, watch the gate…..BONZAI? Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

BANGOR, ME: Sitting here I look out and see giant Paul and where skate boards use to be. #hawkhawk  - FOUND

NORWALK, CT: On Main St where you can come to Mi’casita and get a haircut in the same plaza, check behind the building. #hawkhunt – FOUND

HOLLYWOOD, CA: LA locals!! Find the famous rock swirl at Runyon Canyon…it’s a beautiful day for a hike! Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

TAMPA, FLORIDA: Ryan Clements is skating at the worst skate park in Tampa. Just south of Ybor. Find him #hawkhunt – FOUND

FREDERICK, MD: Find a wheel at the statue of the man that wrote the Star Spangle Banner. Bring it to PITCREW for your prize. #hawkhunt - FOUND

BASINGSTOKE, UK: Rummage Around the Garrison Gate of this famous Basingstoke landmark. Photo Prize #hawkhunt – FOUND

FLEMINGTON, NJ: Shields Skatepark on Minneakoning Rd. Ask Danny at the front door for your prize #hawkhunt – FOUND

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Must salute the flags at the Veterans Memorial where the stadium once stood #hawkhunt - FOUND

SAVANNAH, GA: Go to the place where the writer of Moon River rests to find Tony Hawk’s treasure chest #hawkhunt – FOUND

ENCINITAS, CA: ask Tom for a “Nixon Donut” for this backpack of @nixon_now goidies Photo Clue #hawkhuntFOUND

PHOENIX, AZ: Come splash at the ridge and get close to paradise #hawkhunt – FOUND

LOUISVILLE, KY: This one is guarded by an Honest man. Most famous for the Emancipation Proclamation #hawkhunt – FOUND

TAMPA, FL: It’s known as Tampsterdam at @spottampa where you can still feel the party spirit of #TampaPro and your treasure. #hawkhunt - FOUND

RICHMOND, VA: If Richmond is city, dawg, you should be able to hit UP this package pretty quick #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA: Find El Cid on his horse. The package awaits. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

ST LOUIS, MO – Go find the biggest shoe in town. In the lot across the street the prize will be found. Photo Clue #hawkhawk – FOUND

OAHU, HI: With a view of “The Moks” aside the pillbox, you’ll find the man with your prize, the password is HAWK. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

PORTLAND, ME: Doooon’t miss it! The “long” awaited prize can be found in SoPo this year. Pass some hot wings & take a right at the dog #hawkhunt – FOUND

AUSTIN,TX: Big Boy paints Big Man that the Big Bambino wished he could have played with Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

MADISON, WI – Still plenty of time for a polar plunge at beautiful Olin! Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

SEATTLE, WA: Around and around and down. You’ll find the stash on the ground Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

WILLIAMSBURG, VA: James City County Rec Center Skatepark on a bench. #hawkhunt – FOUND

FARMINGTON, UT: Near the flying swan. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

OAK PARK, CA: Fresh reading material to grind on. Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA “Welcome” to the land of Legos. “C” you there. Find the box and you will want to stay longer. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Look around the spot dedicated to the late Phil Shao. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

CAVE CREEK, AZ: This guy saw the Stanley Cup on Aug 30 and knows what you want is a bit north. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

OAKLAND, CA: It’s behind a pyramid at the end of Piedmont Ave. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

NEW YORK CITY, NY: Unproductive Sunday?  Go to the original home of cupcakes. #hawkhunt – FOUND

JACKSON, MS: Holy guacamole, Jacksonians! What’s under that tree? #hawkhunt – FOUND

FORT COLLINS, CO: Great day to stroll through campus. Find it where the CSU Rams sports teams workout. #hawkhunt - FOUND

MANKATO, MN: Find a street that sounds like “Alaska” Straight, ahead there will be a open space with the initials P.P.P. #hawkhunt – FOUND

CABAZON, CA: Find T-Rex. Find the prize. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

HONOLULU, HI: Ramp up your morning with a view of Waikiki from the old club. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN DIEGO,CA – SKATEPARK: under a bridge and over the tracks. look both ways. #hawkhunt – FOUND

RENO, NV: Off the Wedge, find this sign. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

STRATFORD, CT: Boothe Memorial Park. Look behind old tollbooth for picnic table with pink hat and daffodils. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: Go to Skate Warehouse, look for something to put on your feet. Take a seat and find the treat #hawkhunt – FOUND

CHICO, CA: At 5,280 feet, your stash is on a bridge over cold creek water. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA – Indiana Jones, Jamie Thomas, and George Michael all had it. #hawkhunt – FOUND

DETROIT, MI: It’s a JUNGLE out there If you skate or bike. You know the place! CONCRETE all around, off Ford Rd! Between the park and the bowl #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN MARCOS, CA: Go to the top of Double Peak. On the viewing platform you’ll find your prize. #hawkhunt – FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: At the map at the head of the trail in the hills “of the skulls.” Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

NEW ORLEANS, LA: Seek and ye shall find. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA: Make your way to the heart of Downtown. Find this Native Canadian, Alan. Go around to the back door. KNOCK THREE TIMES. Tell them your with the #hawkhunt. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

LAGUNA BEACH, CA: Music near Pearl Street is free and alive. Your prize awaits you at @KX935 Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

SURF CITY, NC: Sweet day for a walk on the intercoastal, meet the box halfway down the boardwalk. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

VISTA, CA: Only one way to catch a wave in this town. By the dumpster. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

NEW ROCHELLE, NY: Under this sign at the skatepark that shares my dad’s first name Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

PHOENIX, AZ : The “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” indelible art. #hawkhunt – FOUND

MILWAUKEE, WI: Come find the lady in yellow. Make her dog do a trick and you’re SHORE to find a treat. #hawkhunt – FOUND

CHESTERFIELD, MO: Tribute to missing skatepark. Find your prize between two trees. #hawkhunt – FOUND

PHOENIX, AZ: If you’re at Phoenix Am. Search underneath one of the white vans in the parking lot. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

LOS ANGELES, CA: There’s a secret place in Silverlake. Just say “Tony Hawk Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

HARRISON, OH: Hunt for this hawk In a park but don’t get caught. Miami Whitewater Park Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

LOS ANGELES, CA: Belvedere Skate park – locked to the light pole . Combination 6354 – hurry and shoot a doubles photo with pro bike rider Mike Escamilla Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Package is behind the counter at Park Life in SF. Ask Mona about it. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

SACRAMENTO, CA: In the “old” part of town, chug over to this spot around the entrance to the biggest trains. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

COSTA MESA, CA: There is a skatepark next to a dog park. The first person to do a Benihana over the pyramid gets the box from @nealhendrix and he’s throwing in a free week to @woodwardwest! Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

DEL MAR, CA: Go to @CounterBurger NOW for a literal #hawkhunt. Find a middle-aged skater overwhelmed w/ kids to claim your prize. #hawkhunt – FOUND

DEL MAR, CA: Hidden at a Ranch from the past where the Birdman use to fly. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

SACRAMENTO, CA: Hey hornets! Find this sign and go behind. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

CHARLOTTE, NC: The Coffee Press is the LAST place you’d expect to find a #HawkHunt box. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

PORTLAND, OR: At Hawthorne Bridge each balloon holds a key, but only 1 opens the #hawkhunt prize in bridge city! @MapleXO has your prize Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

CHICAGO, IL: You need some caffeine. River North is Robust with prizes! Ask for the Birdhouse Mocha Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC: Beach access 2, come hang in the sand w/ us. Make sure you pay for parking though. Photo Clue #hawkhunt – FOUND

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA. Shooby dooby down to Ruby’s. Your box is right here, near the end of the pier. Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

BIRD ROCK, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: Swim to this rock. Your prize awaits. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

DEL MAR, CA: Just hid this guitar in the giant planter outside of one of San Diego’s best restaurants: marketdelmar.com Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN CLEMENTE, CA: T Street turn around. Find the right bench #hawkhunt – FOUND

ATLANTA, GA – You will find it at Lenox Square lying on the ground close to the flags of many countries #hawkhunt – FOUND

SOLANA BEACH, CA: Want a taco? Go to the place that shares my name. Ask for the “Tony Special.” #hawkhunt – FOUND

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: 328 metres tall.Tallest man-made structure in New Zealand. Where the plants grow. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt - FOUND

PASO ROBLES, CA: Take a spooky tour of the cemetery. Mr Pierce has your prize. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

MANHATTAN, NY: Come get your new @tmobile #nexus4 phone. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA: Cottonwood Creek Park. Find @milesgizmo on top of this rock for a set of Callaway golf clubs. Photo Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

TYBEE ISLAND, GA: Leaders denied Tybee a skatepark, but finally the shuffleboard court is up to good use. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt - FOUND

ALAMEDA, CA: Down a block, under a tree near the horrent. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

MISSOULA, MT: X Marks the Spot! Photo Clue. #hawkhunt - FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: Stagecoach Park under a picnic table by field 1. #hawkhunt – FOUND

PORTLAND, OR: Come pop a balloon floating above the rocks, @maplexo has the special key to open the #hawkhunt box. Photo Clue. - FOUND.

ENCINITAS, CA: grab the box from Calvin while he flies through the air with the greatest of ease. #hawkhunt – FOUND

LEUCADIA, CA: Go to the Regal Seagull. Ask for Rudy Huxtable. #hawkhunt – FOUND

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Near Central station, Brisbane City…lest we forget. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

LAS VEGAS, NV: Don’t be Grouchy, the prize can be found on the patio Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

LEUCADIA, CA: Steal the ball from Keegan and shoot a hoop. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA: Under the arrow is where the wild things are Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: ask Spencer The Lifeguard to give you CPR. He’ll give you a @nixon_now watch instead. Photo Clue. #hawkhunt – FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: pour this bucket of water on Booji Boy (corner of Canon & Grand Pacific) Video Clue #hawkhunt - FOUND

For Official Rules, please visit: tonyhawk.com/hawkhunt